Probate/Estate Planning

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If something were to happen to you, whether it's a long-term illness or sudden death, do you have a plan in place to make sure your family is protected? Are you sure your final wishes about your assets and property are clearly stated as to avoid probate disputes? Who will make the important decisions for your well-being if you are no longer able to do so? 

Bring peace of mind to your family with estate planning services from Gabel, Gudmundsen & Gabel, P.C. We can help you answer all those questions with our years of estate planning and probate knowledge and experience. We can offer you a variety of options so that your final wishes are carried out and your family's best interests are met.

Choose from Our Estate Planning Documents

  •  Simple will
  •  Non-simple will
  •  Will with trust provisions
  •  Revocable living trust
  •  Financial power of attorney
  •  Medical power of attorney
  •  Pour-over will
  •  General assignment of assets
  •  Special needs trust
  •  Life insurance trust
  •  Guardianship and conservatorship petitions
  •  Documents to probate an estate, either testate or intestate
  •  Antenuptial or post-nuptial agreements
  •  Post divorce estate planning documents

Representing Your Interests in Probate Court

If your estate goes into probate, we can help your family navigate the system. Call us for an initial consultation today! 
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