Minimize Court Involvement with Our
Mediation Services

Domestic Relations Mediation Services

Looking for an easier way to go through a divorce? Save time, money, and stress with the domestic relations mediation services provided by Gabel, Gudmundsen & Gabel, P.C. Our impartial mediators facilitate communication and understanding between the two parties to help them reach their own agreement. It is less adversarial than divorce, less expensive, and much easier, not only for the parties involved, but also for their children.

The Benefits of Mediation

  • Retain control of the process and your life
  • Reduce stress through mediation's informal process
  • Save money by avoiding costly protracted litigation
  • Faster and less time-consuming process from beginning to end
  • Maintain your privacy (court cases are public; mediation is private)
  • Reduce conflict to benefit everyone including your children
  • Customized solutions to fit your unique situation
  • Establish a foundation for future communication and co-parenting
  • Avoid causing damage to long-term and ongoing relationships
  • Better meet your emotional and financial needs
  • Make post-judgment disputes less likely
Our mediators are dedicated to helping parties heal their conflict and move forward with their lives. If no agreement is reached, our mediator withdraws from the process and you are then free to retain your own attorneys to proceed with the litigation process.

Elder Mediation Services

When older adults and their families are faced with making difficult decisions regarding health issues, medical decisions, living arrangements, long-term care, financial and estate planning, and guardianship issues, mediation can help them make effective, informed, and mutually agreeable decisions without the cost and strife of going to court to resolve such issues. Our mediators take on a cooperative role to help all parties find the best solution.

Our Elder Mediation Services Can Address:

  • Concerns regarding living arrangements, care, and safety for a loved one, and whether a long-term care or assisted living facility is an appropriate choice
  • Problems and issues regarding living with family members
  • Disagreements over medical care
  • Ensuring that estate and financial documents are prepared
  • Arrangements for guardianship or conservatorship if necessary
  • Disputes among siblings 
Discuss these issues with your family before you find yourself in a crisis. Let our mediators guide you in addressing these challenges in an informed and caring way. We can even come to your home or hospital room to consult with you.
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